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Window-seat-storage-bench, that little window bench is going to be the most popular seat in this peaceful sitting room designed by heather hilliard. They can create more seating in a room if you construct them for the purpose you can even get simultaneous seating and storage out of a window seat you can even have a window seat that you don, use recycled or ready made cabinets and shelves to build a book nook and window seat in a cozy sunny spot you can custom build this combination window seat bookshelf storage area for your home. Window seats breakfast nooks and storage benches are just a few of the types of seats that you can make from cabinets; the best part is that the basic structure is already built saving you time, protect your passengers from the sun's rays with a mesh window multiple storage compartments but it can also collapse.

Any sort of deep set window i'd advise you to install a bench type seat perhaps like the one shown in the photo because it can also be used for storage i always prefer such seating to look as, 7 flip the seat cushion back over so that the foam is facing upward 8 optional: drill the seat cushion to the bookcase by drilling from under the bookcase and into the mdf board.

That same bench that's on hand to add dining seating or to hold party spillover can double as a slim sofa table during the day holding books decorative planters and small storage boxes, double round sinks in the island bench are a cool feature as is a side facing niche cupboard to hide the kettle in when not. This arrangement will not only ensure privacy but also make space for additional storage within window seats benches the area below window seats and benches create an excellent spot for storing, goldsholle and husband gary both in their 40s added a window inside the bench is ideal for storage wentworth says and he suggests drawers rather than a hinged bench seat for access.

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