Everyone loves a good beach holiday, you’d be mad not to! Who doesn’t love lounging on a sandy beach, soaking up the sunshine, sipping on fresh fruit juices with nothing but the ocean in view – that sounds like heaven to me! I think it sounds like heaven to most people in the UK right now as well, it seems that every time we turn on the news there is another sad story about a town or village that has recently flooded. In the United States they had one of the coldest winters in recent history practically bringing some of the most iconic cities in the world to an absolute stand still. There has never been a better time to head off to the sun, you can instantly forget about all of the bad weather and everyday stresses of life back home.

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If you are living in the UK then you can actually be by the beach in just a few hours. To fly to Spain, for example, only takes a couple of hours. You could realistically book your flight in the early hours of the morning and be sat on the beach eating tapas that afternoon. Beach holidays are probably my favourite because you don’t need to much planning to make them fantastic, all you need is good weather, sand and a good place to rest your head at night. Our European neighbours have all of that in abundance! My last beach holiday was to Spain, my family and I loved every single second of it! Everyone is just happier when the sun is shining, life seems better and the world seems like a fantastic place! That is why London, in my opinion, is the best city in the world for at least one month a year – that’s the one month when the sun is shining!

Unfortunately we are not blessed will sunshine all year round in London so we do have to go and actively find it! By booking a beach holiday we know that we will be guaranteed at least one sunny spell in our year. I always get excited when I look online at all of the options available to me, looking at the great bars and restaurants that are by the beach. I also love looking at the hotel and what it has to offer. If I fancy a lazy day then I can just sit by the pool and be waited on hand and foot, I know that is lazy but it’s a holiday and we’ve earned it with our time at work. Then if I am feeling energetic I can stroll down to the beach, take a dip or join in with any of the amazing activities that are on offer such as jet skiing, wind surfing, snorkelling, banana boats and much more.

Getting itchy feet yet? After writing this I think I am going to jump back online and start booking up my next visit to a sunny beach resort. See you there!

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