Cross country skiing is one method that many people try in order to get more out of their skiing holiday, and as well as being an excellent, healthy workout, it can be great fun too.

When you visit a wonderful resort such as Pragelato, you will be able to take advantage of the fantastic cross country opportunities, but first you need to know the dos and don’ts that apply to this slightly more specialised form of skiing.



Cross country skiing can be a great way to raise fitness levels as it works on all the major muscle groups, including the core. The real advantage is that it is a low impact activity, because it goes easy on the joints, unlike pounding the pavements on a daily run at home.

It’s also a great cardio workout as you can burn on average 650 calories an hour. As it is based around natural movement’s balance skills it can be especially effective as you get older.


As with any ski activity, cross country activities mean you get to experience some fantastic scenery and wonderful natural conditions. Of course, the invigorating feeling of being out in the cold needs to be carefully balanced by wearing the correct clothing.

It’s best to dress in layers and wear moisture-wicking material, as even on the coldest day, the activity involved means you will break out a sweat.

Take it easy

Although cross country can look easier than tackling the high-speed top-level slopes, you must make sure not to overstretch yourself the first time out.

People with high levels of fitness or active athletes can tend to overdo it when they start and this can lead to injury or exhaustion problems.

Steep Hills

Although the obvious dangers that high-speed, freestyle, off piste skiing can present don’t really apply to cross country, there are still aspects to be wary of.

Making sure you don’t get lost is the most obvious, as is not attempting to tackle hills that are too steep – it’s easier than it might look to lose control.

 Travel light

Don’t be tempted to take too much baggage with you as you can end up feeling as though you’re in the early stages of a month-long trek to the poles, which can really hinder your enjoyment of the trip.

Remember that the aim is to have an enjoyable, if demanding, experience in the wonderful conditions that are available to you.

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