I love hearing stories about special gifts that people have given one another, some of the ideas are absolutely astonishing and make you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Everyone loves getting a unique and special present, especially on your birthday when it makes the day much more memorable.


I have been fortunate enough to have received some ridiculously thoughtful gifts, with out sounding too big headed I have also given some fantastic gifts too. What’s the best you have heard of? Let us all know by writing your tales down in the comment section below this article.

I’ll let you know my top 3 gift experiences which will hopefully give you some inspiration. If you need any extra inspiration then take a look at the great discounts groupon offer, there’s something there for everyone.

Surprising my sister

My sister cam over to Thailand to visit me for a holiday. We had a fantastic time which I had planned meticulously by calling in every favour I could from friends. The holiday was a blinding success and she loved every second. Then as we woke up by the beach on her penultimate day I gave her the biggest surprise of the trip, I asked her ‘how would you like to jump out of a plane today?’ She was struck with disbelief when I told her she was going sky diving in 2 hours!

Personalised CDs

When I was 20 my girlfriend at the time gave me a present which I have kept until this day. I was handed a very heavy present which I unwrapped to reveal a handmade and designed box. I opened the box up to find 50 cds which she had designed individually herself! That wasn’t the best part though because she had chosen her top 50 albums of all time to share with me. Amazing!

Treating the family

The last time I went bad to the UK I surprised my brother, father and uncle with surprise flights to Dublin, Ireland, to watch an international rugby match. We never spend time together as a group because of where we live so this special treat left every one smiling from ear to ear.

Whatever the occasion just make sure you put some real though in to it!

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