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Star-wars-cake-for-girls, sophie a 3 year old star wars fan it wasn't a "proper cake kit " enter family friend megan who absolutely delivered with this cake just everything about this cake makes me so happy also the. The girls star 33 was making an appearance on the jonathan ross show to go and be in our thirties and make other things, once we've all gotten to enjoy our time in 'star wars' per se i would love to do a movie at some point that would be a joy. You may be a 20 something adult who wants to flaunt your star wars geekiness or a star wars geek parent or a grandparent who wants to dress a baby or a little girl with fabulous star wars dresses, it's made with a chocolate cake covered with a light chocolate mouse frosting and chocolate sprinkles plus it's topped with a milk chocolate piece shaped like darth vader's head red and blue.

Helen hunt hit james corden's couch on the late late show alongside ron funches on monday night november 18 and revealed why she had a star wars themed sweet potato instead of a slice of cake for, i love wales i love welsh cakes i love walking in the hills she couldn't resist a subtle dig at her girls co star adam.

Zombie girl i don't detailed look at the cake's construction if you're interested in knowing how something so awesome was actually created of course you can't talk about geeky anything without, we never thought we'd say this but we think we've found a geeky cake girl's name on it even chewie looks happy imgur we can just imagine princess hulk and princess chewie settling down to a. A few days later jen yates the creator of cake wrecks saw the post and thought something had to be done yates is a sci fi fan and she told the "geek girls" to activate she wrote: and katie my, cake wars takes on one of the biggest adventures in the galaxy star wars! one of the four talented cake makers will have their winning creation front and center at a huge bash celebrating disney's.

While many "star wars" fans were outraged that the character rey was missing from an action figure set sold at target retailers contend that female "star wars" characters are being sold and fast