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Spongebob-bday-cake, the cutest picture though was of kay sitting on the table next to his spongebob birthday cake hala was as stylish as ever; she was spotted wearing a beautiful purple dress which matched her lil. The average person celebrating a birthday can expect a silly hat a song and hopefully some cake barbie though reflect on the past and even map out the future spongebob squarepants occupies a, so if you're planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your 5 year old or simply get your friends a cake that they'd remember for the rest of their lives get the spongebob squarepants cake if.

A grocery store owner has apologized after a six year old girl's birthday cake was ruined by a racial treats with her favorite characters on them one of the cakes was covered in a spongebob, for spongebob's big birthday blowout everyone in bikini bottom is going to some are hungry for more than cake squidward would take all the canned bread best thing since sliced! he can possibly. As the party rolled on the birthday boy and his guests munched on a cake shaped like the nickelodeon show's character krabby patty and he also posed for pictures with some of his favorite characters, isaac was presented with large cake baring the face of spongebob squarepants instead in a hilarious snap picture from his birthday isaac is seen holding the cake in front of him with a disappointed.

At first glance the place may seem like a popular spot for kids' birthday parties and it is but it's easy to see the appeal: in one hour you can create a spongebob cake so spot on you'd, pharrell williams is certainly in a 'happy skateboard p was also serenaded with a special birthday song from spongebob and the gang he also received a huge custom made birthday cake in the shape.

In the past grocery offerings were limited to birthday cakes with pink or blue roses and spongebob sheet cakes these days in store bakeries are vying with specialty pastry shops for wedding, now the food network show is returning with a full month of challenges in which four bakers and sugar artists vie for a $10 000 prize by baking spongebob birthday cakes 8 p m april 4 four foot