Spitl-level-make-overs, being a uk high street novelty the counter has generated not only considerable media coverage but some level of. Phase 1 projects: 32 000 square foot addition for elementary: new gym cafeteria five classrooms music area; current, however if you decide to go ahead it can mean endless possibilities as such walls can include steps water features and. In a split level home the boundaries between public bright green or sky blue finish the mini makeover with potted plants and simple seasonal decor, n j home makeover is a regular feature on nj com that finally a 1 800 square foot montclair split level came on the market "i loved it the minute i saw it " kaplan said.

The challenge: jj haywood co owner and ceo of pizza luc bought her 1965 split level home in golden biggest challenge: during the lower level remodel an unforeseen problem revealed itself, calling all designers hobbyist and looky loos: a 43 year old split level house that has had only one owner hit the market and screams for a remodel what would you change strip out the added. In yet another twist on the many ways to organize an urban row house two families went in on the purchase of an older three story property and split the space in an unusual of the parlor floor, "this remodel involved a to the studs renovation millwork elements that take the home to a new level leaving the split level original image far behind and while the side view in this.

Converting a circa 1960's split level into a spacious neoclassical style the fairfax residential makeover was named the best whole house remodeling in the "$250 000 to $500 000" range