Africa is one continent with great potential, for so long it has been plagued by corruption and a lack of order to get it to the point where it should be. Subsistence economies are extremely popular in many parts of Africa and the constant farming has done little to progress Africa in terms of science, Africa must realise the need to move forward and restructure itself in order to become scientifically independent.


There a number of people willing to invest in Africa’s future like Alvaro Sobrinho and these people are slowly investing in a future for Africa in order to even up the stakes in terms of science and will make for a more competitive and well-rounded world of scientific research.

There are many others investing in science and technology around Africa and this number needs to increase again if there is to be a hope of scientific independence in Africa.

Growth and Education

These two factors are extremely important for Africa, growth is necessary for the African nations to have enough money to fund education, and scientific research, innovation and technology. Recently there has been an increasing number of private universities emerging in Africa and these are great places.

At the same time African nations must also focus on a good education system at a lower level in order to send the people through the right channels and to provide them with the opportunities they need to reach positions where they might participate in science. Traditionally this has been a problem with a number of African children having limited or inadequate access to education.


Another factor in the growth of Africa is harnessing its unbelievably rich supply of resources, but traditionally African nations have lacked the funds, organization and technology to effectively get to these resources. Now is the time for Africans to take advantage of these resources, much like other countries, such as Australia, that have done extremely well by using their ability to extract and export their natural resources.

DeBeers is a great example of a company taking advantage of Africa’s vast supply of diamonds and is something that should be looked at by other investors and companies in Africa that are hoping to begin to ride a resource boom.

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