Who doesn’t enjoy getting a little bit of a bonus when they buy something? I know that I certainly don’t! Well, with the fantastic Avios reward points scheme you will be able to earn points for every time you spend money with certain petrol companies and also leading supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. The reason why I love it so much is because I can earn points for travel, they are not just any old points either because Avios has linked up with British Airways! That’s right, British Airways are going to give you a discount on their flights if you have collected enough points. I know you probably like to save money, like I do, when you book your long term travel so the fact that we are able to choose a reputable airline like British Airways is fantastic!


Head over to the Avios website to see how you can sign up for this reward scheme, it is definitely worth your while. Imagine how many points you could earn every time you fill up with petrol? If you drive a lot then this is going to benefit you no end when it comes time to booking your holiday. If you usually shop at Tesco then you will definitely love the Avios people, each and every time you shop at Tesco you are able to earn points that you can put towards your next holiday. To see just how much is on offer have a good read of the information on their user friendly website.

The good people over at Avios have now come up with a way to show you just how easy it is to earn points. They have created a great Facebook game called ‘Avios Droople’, not only will the game highlight the process that you spend, collect points and then redeem them for travel but it will also give you the opportunity to earn a crazy amount of points as well. So you can win points without spending a penny, this just gets better and better for all of us! If you are one of the luck winners that tops the leader board then you will be in for a real treat because you could earn enough points to book a free flight with British Airways. Head on over to the Facebook game now before it all ends, it is definitely worth your while.

My points balance is looking very healthy right now because my whole family uses the card. My brother takes it when he goes to fill his car up with petrol and my sister takes in when she does her outrageously large monthly shop at Tesco. I’m looking forward to hitting my target and then booking a practically free flight, so I’ll be in the sunshine in no time at all! See you there!

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