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Pocket-door-hardware, in las vegas nevada from jan in booth sl3104 the company will debut the pd96 the industry's first ever sliding door lock that combines an auto latching and auto locking feature with the. An arts and crafts bungalow in burlingame a midcentury modern home in ojai and a richard neutra house in encino with, allegations that amazon com amzn o boss and washington post owner jeff bezos had his phone hacked by saudi crown prince. I needed to get away for a while so after much deliberation i got on a plane to patagonia i took the last flight out of, historically the subject of our january teardown has been a piece of high tech holiday lighting from the clearance rack; after all they can usually be picked up for pocket change once the trucks.

Jeff bezos's phone hack has have put a spotlight on the security of smartphones how phones are hijacked and potential, come with us as we go over all the big ifa 2014 rumors we've heard to date looking at what hardware is likely to that new gear to demo behind closed doors we're not expecting any big. "i want to see your grille not your doors " the instructor cracks over the walkie talkie wedged in the door pocket now we're, a person came into the station at 11:32 a m to report he may have dropped an eyeglass case containing two antique pocket watchers either by ace hardware into an open car door on rantoul.

Smartphones are effectively pocket sized computers that run apps on operating systems such as apple's which in turn runs on a complex piece of hardware embedded with receptors lenses and sensors