As spring draws closer and the winter months come to an end it’s not only the better weather that we have to look froward to, don’t forget that it’s almost time for the nation to go horse crazy. We all know that the Grand National grabs the attention of everyone in the country, it seems that every has a bet placed and there’s always one or two people giving out tips despite knowing very little about horse racing!


Yes, it’s fun to put a few pounds on the race and cheer on your horse with your friends or family. Wouldn’t the race be more fun if your horse was ahead of the pack as they speed across the finish line? Of course we all know that a lot of the Grand National can be down to luck but by following a few simple tips you can improve your chances!

Here are 3 things for you consider before you put your bet on this year.

The weight

The Grand National is a handicap race – this means that the horses will all carry a different weight on their backs, the heavier the weight the more difficult the race will be for that horse. On the whole, though there are exceptions, the top weighted horses are not the best choice. Look for horses that have a weight of less than 11 stone.

The age

If you look at the race results over the last few years all of the horses that crossed the line in pole position have been between 8-11 years old. Younger horses are often inexperienced and the older horses don’t have the stamina to last the distance.

The odds

From the moment the betting odds are released to the time the race starts the odds will change. If you are placing your bet on the day of the race then you should look to avoid horses over 50/1 because they very rarely win. Of course shock winners do happen every now and then but you are best off avoiding high odds!

So go out and have a flutter this year, if you’ve got a few minutes then take in to account our 3 top tips before you make your choice. You should always look for firms offering you a bonus, check out GN Day Betting – claim your Bonus now!