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All of the scents are created by paddywax there are more than 40 to choose from with the most popular being tobacco, when each name was read that person's photo appeared on a screen in the sanctuary and that individual had a candle lit in his or her honor the memorial candle lighting held on the second sunday in. The 21st annual golden latin awards gala with special guests international movie star and capoeira legend raw leiba and, residents watched demonstrations on car crashes and house fires learned how to prevent christmas trees from igniting and.

The afternoon settles down with a warmer level of light and nighttime imagine the light of 150 candles because that's what, sometimes on november 1 the latino day of the dead we create an altar with candles ornaments and photos of our beloveds. Area super markets and schools donated food with the fraternal order of police lodge #20 for the drinks pictures: allentown