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Mug-cake-calories, combine cake mix and baking powder into a microwaveable mug use a mini whisk to break up any clumps add water and whisk together completely mixture will be pretty thick microwave for 1 minute on. Mix all ingredients except peanut butter together in mug until evenly combined microwave 30 seconds stir well and microwave another minute if cake still looks wet microwave another 15 30 seconds, this chocolate mug cake is perfect for such moments nutrition per serving : g protein 13 g carbohydrates 7 g fiber 1 g sugar 44 g fat 18 g saturated fat 530 mg sodium. Nowhere does it promise that the cake will taste good or that it won't be tooth shatteringly sweet or even that it will not leave an aftertaste like a high school chemistry lab it's a cake in your, imagine baking a cake in a coffee mug and then icing it while it's still warm from the microwave betty crocker's mug treats offer just such an opportunity and at a reasonable price a package of.

This oreo mug cake is so simple you don't need to be an expert baker to make this rich and chocolaty dessert plus this recipe only requires five ingredients four if you want to skip the extra, while the cake mix weighing 90g contains a 383 calories per 100g or if you're not a fan of toblerone morrisons is also selling a chocolate cake in a mug with nutella and smarties for the same price.

This caramel apple mug cake is mighty in nutrition: at only 315 calories with 9 grams of fat total it packs in a good amount of protein 9g fiber more than 6g and calcium 22 percent of your, if you're looking for a cake that's a little more tart this one's for you everybody knows about strawberry cake but raspberry cake now that's something to experiment with! give it a try and serve.

Whilst the weather continues to be the topic of conversation for all in the land perhaps the best way to brighten up these, you can keep things in check with a single serve in a mug brownie recipe this one comes from maria at candela coutoure and wouldn't you know it cuts out half the calories and fat from a standard