If you are planning a trip to Marrakech then the first thing you need to take care of is your accommodation, I found so many fantastic options that it was tricky to choose. It was a great problem to have because I knew that which ever one I chose would be great! The best thing I did was search for rooms in Fez hotels, Fez is a great area to stay I absolutely loved every second of my stay there.


After my travel to Marrakech I learnt some great things, very essential do’s and don’ts! So here they are for all you guys to read before you jet of to Marrakech, they will make your trip a lot more easy and straight forward.


– Get ready for people to ask for more of a tip after you have given one. It is very normal for people to say ‘more, more’ after you have tipped them. Don’t be de surprised by this, I just smiled and giggled, nodded my head and shook hands. Everyone I did this to smiled back and left.

– If you can speak a little french then do so where ever you can. This will help you get by and will always bring a smile from the locals, I think it’s always a great idea to try and speak in a language both of you will know.

– Always ignore people that try to give you wrong directions! You will have a map to hand and know the general direction that you are headed, so if someone tells you the opposite direction then simply smile and find someone else.


– Think something is free if someone tells you it is. No one works for free, they don’t back home so don’t expect it in Marrakech, if you accept something for free then I guarantee you will see the same person repeatedly during the day.

– Don’t forget to organise transport from the airport to the hotel, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to find a taxi that will take you at a reasonable price to the hotel. After a flight you want to walk off, collect your bags and stroll straight in to a waiting car – that’s the best way to start the trip!

– Take pictures without asking! This is very important because if you take a picture of the many animals or sellers you will find yourself being asked for a payment.

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