The Royal Dutch Airlines, popularly known as KLM, is the national carrier of the Netherlands, which operates both passenger, as well as cargo flight services to 138 destinations in over 69 nations all over the world. Founded way back in 1919, KLM enjoys the status of being the oldest airline to continue operations till date. Based out of Amstelveen in the Netherlands, this carrier airline employs well over 32,000 people and is widely recognized as one of the major national carriers in the world today.

Operating a fleet size of 115 carriers, this airline is associated with impeccable quality of service. KLM features business class, economy comfort class and economy class carriers and offers an array of in-flight services including entertainment systems, international magazines and newspapers and also offers Wi-Fi services since 2013. The carrier also offers excellent catering services on board, with a selection of international meals and cuisines being offered.

A large number of people all over the world prefer KLM as their airline carrier of choice, and it is easy to see why, given the top notch service provided to customers. While prices of flight tickets vary as per the class of travel, the airline is considered to be reasonably cost effective across all classes.

As with most other airlines, customers can find a range of discount options, provided either by third parties or through frequent flyer programs. While these discounts can offer some attractive savings on ticket prices, Canadian customers who wish to make use of the services of this airline carrier can make use of KLM discount codes in order to obtain even bigger savings on ticket purchases.

KLM Airlines promo codes are featured every now and then and these include discounted ticket prices, rebates and special cash back offers. Typically, promo codes are applicable on online purchase of tickets and these special codes and coupons are updated on a frequent basis so as to offer customers the best prices and some good savings.

The process of redeeming a KLM promo code is fairly simple. Customers simply need to possess a valid promo code and apply it when shopping for tickets online. Upon checkout, discounts will be applied to the ticket purchase, which translates to excellent savings – generally bigger than what is offered through frequent flyer miles.

Every day, many Canadians choose to travel by KLM, but very few are aware of the presence of special promo codes. By taking a couple of extra minutes in ticket shopping and by using a discount code, Canadian customers can gain access to a wealth of savings. Such attractive deals and rebates should not be missed out on.