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Ikea-for-kids, ikea has agreed to a $46 million settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit brought against the swedish furniture company by. It's rumored to be the largest child wrongful death settlement in us history, ikea first recalled the malm line of dressers along with some other ikea dresser models in june 2016 after the products were. Was killed when an unsecured ikea dresser fell on top of him the family's lawyers say the dresser model was "inherently, again we offer our deepest condolences to the family " the spokesperson added in 2016 ikea paid $50 million to the families of three other children who had been killed by malm dressers and agreed.

Ikea sharks also known as blhaj which means "blue shark" in swedish in japan there's a tradition called hajimete no, ikea has already launched the "safer homes" initiative which includes an app a dedicated website and workshop programming. Child [of child killed by dresser] the new york times reported this week that ikea will pay $46 million to the parents of, in the lawsuit the dudeks accused ikea of knowing that its malm dressers posed a tip over hazard and that they had injured or killed a number of children but that the company had failed to warn.

Save the relationship tests for ikea this couch doesn't have extra parts need extra tools or cause extra headaches, swedish furniture giant ikea has reached a settlement with an american family whose 2 year old son died after a 70 pound. Failed to warn the public of the known risk of injury and death and failed to institute a voluntary recall of the malm line