Not everyone is a martini drinker, and that’s ok. Some of us prefer a fine glass of wine or perhaps just a dark beer will do. But, at one point in our drinking routines, we will come across this mysterious drink that is the martini. I say mysterious because, to be honest, I am not a martini drinker. I know nothing about them, or even how to order one properly.


Unless it’ a ladies night and martinis are on special, I stick with my whiskey or my wine. Even then do I order them the only way I know; extra dirty, which I think means with extra olive juice (I am still not even 100% sure). Anyways, it would be nice if I could just order a drink without hesitation or fear of sounding like a complete idiot. So, with that in mind, here are a few quick notes on how to order a martini.

  1. Gin vs Vodka – choose one
  2. Dry, perfect, or wet – Dry is less “dry” vermouth, wet is more “dry” vermouth, and perfect is equal parts of both
  3. Shaken or stirred
  4. Straight up or on the rocks
  5. With a twist- lemon or olive
  6. Dirty, Gibson, And Vesper Martinis – ask your bartender to explain

Now that you know how to order a martini like a pro, where can you go to practice your newly acquired skills? If you are in the Oak Forest, Illinois area, you are going to want to swing into The Linger Martini Bar. It is a very relaxing bar, specializing in your new area of expertise. Another place (sort of) nearby is Downtown Main Martini Bar and Grille in Brighton, Michigan. Also a great place to enjoy a steak, your martini will pair very well with your favorite cut of meat. Or, you can order from Peapod and practice right in your home


Go out and enjoy your first martini as a new martini connoisseur.