Let’s all be honest for a minute. While we all love the holidays with all the gift giving, family time, extra calories, and even the music (admit it, you love it) it can become a lot to handle. Even though we may all dream of a white Christmas, come January, the snow sort of loses its appeal. The daylight disappearing at 4 PM starts to get old and the thought of having to scrape off another sheet of ice off the windshield is just deflating.


It’s moments like this when you start to remember summer. The longer sun soaked days of summer greet us like a cloak of smooth velvet and it makes want to pop open a Corona and float around in a pool. Unfortunately, it is still winter where you live and your galoshes do not pair well with a lime.

Fret not, there are some quick ways to beat the winter blues and they are a lot simpler than you think. First, work on that pasty skin of yours. If you live in a cold place like Denver, find a tanning salon nearby and give your skin a subtle sun kissed glow. Also, since you are more than likely stuck in doors 90% of the time and may still be carrying the holiday weight, you can start early on your summer body by working out and reaching those bikini goals by spring!

Another idea is to give yourself a fresh look. Winter is not only a time for hibernation, but it is also a time when shaving literally gets pushed to the bottom of the totem pole. Why even bother if your legs are covered by jeans 24-7? If you live in a place as cold as Milwaukee, shaving your legs won’t even be a factor in your daily grooming routine until mid June. Unless you want to spend your savings on razors come summer, try laser hair removal options.

Adding these few routines to your winter months will make summer feel closer and you can soon trade in that snowball in your hand for a margarita.

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