Chinese New Year is arguably bigger, better and more exciting that the new year we are used to celebrating on December 31st. I have been fortunate enough to experience it when I live in Hong Kong, let me tell you that the show that is put on is truly remarkable. It’s such a great time and the traditions that come along with it are truly fantastic. What makes it even more fun if you are living in China or Hong Kong is that you get a massive holiday, it is a time where you can relax, visit friends and family, then prepare for the year ahead. As you are probably aware, each year is represented by a different animal, this year is the year of the horse. Depending on what year we were born you will be represented by a certain animal. To find out what animal you are enter your date of birth in the app below, it will then tell you which animal you are, about your personality and even better it will tell you which holiday destination is perfect for you. Below are my tips to celebrating Chinese New Year like a local!

The Thomas Cook Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder

Clean your house

It is seen as very important by Chinese people that you clean your house before you welcome in the New Year. Cleaning the house will allow you to start fresh, you should clean and sweep the whole house of any dirt that may have accumulated over the past year, this helps to sweep away any bad luck that you have had.

Don’t clean your house

No I’m not contradicting myself! This is relevant after you have seen in the New Year. Just like you are supposed to sweep away the bad luck before New Year, it is bad luck to clean after New Year because you may be sweeping away the good luck that has come to you in this year.

Red envelopes

This is my favourite part, people give red envelopes with money inside to children and single people. I was single at the time and received over $200 USD! It is tradition to give out the red envelopes that are full of lucky money.

Take a look at this video for a great visual of Chinese New Year.


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