Whenever you travel with your family, especially if you are travelling with children, your accommodation is essential. Accommodation becomes more important when you are with your family, it really can make or break your holiday. Families know that wherever they are staying it will be well used during their travels, you will go back during the day for naps, changing the kids clothes and also for some rest and relaxing. The kids and you will also find themselves heading to bed earlier than you usually do when you travel by yourself, because of this you need to make sure that the room or apartment is very comfortable to make sure that they will get a good night’s sleep. You can choose between a hotel or apartments for family, both are a great choice and they usually have the same things to look for before you book. Here are some of my best tips that I always give to families when they are looking to book a place for themselves and their family to stay.



– You should always find somewhere that is either very centrally located or within a close walking distance to all of the main attractions that you are planning to see.

– If you are heading to a city that you will need to use public transport then make sure that you are close to a major station, you do not want to have to go on a train or bus where you have to change just to get to the transport hub.

– Sometimes it is good to ask the hotel if they is a playground close by or if they have one at the note itself. Having a playground close by always gives you the option to have something to do if you are at loose end, it will also keep the ids very happy indeed!

The room; features and amenities 

– You will need to try and find a room that is suitable for your family, pay attention to the size of the room that will always be listed on the room details. We have all been in rooms where it’s not big enough to move around in, this is a nightmare if you are with kids.

– Try to, if your budget allows, book the suite rooms or family rooms. Another great idea, if your kids are old enough, is to book a connecting room where you will have a door to the kids room in yours.

– Try to stay away form old hotels or bed and breakfasts, the sound proofing of these types of places is usually very low. So in order not to wake up your neighbours try to find a new hotel, there’s no real way to tell if the walls are sound proof but a new place is a safe bet.

– If the hotel has room service then this is a huge plus, having the kids eat in the room and watch a movie is so convenient and much more relaxing than having to trek with the whole family to the closet restaurant.

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