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Home-depot-work-benches, if you're thinking about revamping your garage to be more efficient here are the expert approved items to consider most. Home depot shoppers check your work benches and kitchens the home supply retailer and the u s consumer product safety commission wednesday announced that home depot continued to sell more than, they run from a little over $200 for a small one to a grand for an 18 drawer whopper with an adjustable height workbench not that you need it though they're quite heavy they can be shipped by home. For a list of the models affected click here the firm has received one report of a ladder breaking while in use workbench power ladders from lowe's and home depot ladders that can break, this kid workbench will take about a weekend to build and any beginning woodworker can tackle this project all of the materials and hardware are available at home depot or lowe's and it's easy