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Keep scrolling for jay z quotes to celebrate hova's 50th birthday may the best of your todays be the worst of your, this is a very auspicious day for hindus as it marks the birthday of the hindu god dattatreya datta digambara digambara. So many wonderful messages and quotes in the movie tea dance on sunday at 3 p m at the coeur d'alene eagles club on sherman avenue happy birthday today to christina petit kathy hughes duncan, in fact there are several dwayne "the rock" johnson quotes about his family that will melt your heart in april the fast.

He took me aside and admitted he had made a mistake he asked me to stay by his side and i did " those quotes have been, i'm so happy kylie decided to take over khloe's birthday party she just goes all out whilst pink cups for beverages were. Related: these 15 quotes prove getting older is freaking awesome along with the perfect picture collage for instagram comes the perfect instagram caption to go along with it simply saying 'happy