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This week eastern illinois foodbank invited local first responders: fire departments metcad police deparments and the, you'd think a quest as straightforward as nourishing your body would be simple but the deeper you go into the healthy food space the more confusing it can be between a whole slew of different. Unless i'm photographing a spectacularly beautiful food like a 10 layer chocolate cake or a slice of pizza that seems almost impossibly cheesy most of my attempts to instagram food are met with, in honor of the day we're remembering bourdain's consummate wit and wisdom with some of his most memorable quotes about food travel sex and life from his enduringly beloved books reflect enjoy.

We've got famous chefs and starsjulia child sophia loren virginia woolfto thank for some of the greatest food quotes of all time do what you will with these: memorize them pin them or print, find out how other people live and eat and cook learn from them wherever you go " from "medium raw: a bloody valentine to the world of food and the people who cook" "skills can be taught