Tutoring is rising as one of the most popular ways for students to gain a competitive edge in today’s society and job market. Gone are the days when traditional schooling was enough for students to attain the edge they need to stand out over other applicants when applying for a job. If students are looking for extra support in a subject that’s a trouble area, or looking to expand their mind above and beyond the curriculum they’re learning in school, tutoring is great way to achieve that. But Hong Kong is a huge city, and finding a tutor can be a difficult task. That is, until Findatutor came along.

Findatutor is a comprehensive guide for students to find the perfect tutor in the subject area or areas they are looking for extra support and guidance. The task of finding a tutor is no longer a daunting job that students or parents will want to put off for months. Now, finding that perfect tutor is right at their fingertips.

How does this service work? It’s quite simple. First, prospective tutors will upload their profiles, inputting information about their experience, background, and a photo to make their profile more personalized. Findatutor does all the marketing for them, for just a small monthly fee. This way, tutors can relax and wait for students to come their way and find them.

Then the task is on the students to search for their perfect tutor in Hong Kong. If students know exactly which subject they are looking for support, they can search for this on the main home page and a list of tutors will come up who specialize in this area. Tutors in Hong Kong are easy to find when you have such a great resource like Findatutor. Once a student has found a tutor they would like to learn more about, they can send a private message and set up a meeting. Then, the student and tutor can work out a price that works for both of them, and the relationship and tutoring can begin.



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