St. Barts (or Saint Barthélemy to be more correct) is a one of my favourite places to visit in the Caribbean, but probably in the entire world. It is one of the best ways to experience luxury Caribbean vacations and the celebrities that come here like Kim Kardashian and Jay Z would tend to agree. Let’s talk a bit more about what makes St. Barts such a great location for these celebrities and for everyone.

The things to see

You really couldn’t pick a better location to have an amazing holiday, because St. Barts mixes a warm and tropical climate, pristine white sand beaches and water that is bluer than the sky. If you can stay anywhere, stay on the beach, it is something that you will absolutely not regret. The feeling of getting out of bed and walking straight onto the beach is one of the most special things that you can experience about St. Barts.

What to do

St Barts is a small island and there is no question about it, but that doesn’t mean that it is lacking in things to do. You could spend days snorkelling and scuba diving around the many stunning reefs that lie around the island. Anything to do with watersports and St Barts also has it, so there is something to do for every kind of adventure seeker.

When you can’t do it any more you can simply lie on the beach with a cocktail in hand and enjoy one of mother earth’s finest creations. You can also enjoy some spa treatments, like a massage or a facial. There really isn’t a better environment to sit back and relax.

Getting out and about onto the open water is great too and you can charter the boat and explore other islands or simply just make a stop in the middle of the deep blue sea, it’s your holiday, so spend it just how you want to.

One of the highlights for me has always been the capital, Gustavia, which is a picturesque little city that has many yachts docked in the harbour. It is very pretty and is also a great place to do some amazing shopping and also to get something even nicer to eat!

The food

I already mentioned the food very briefly, but I thought I would talk a little bit more about it. The cuisine is definitely very French, but with some Caribbean flair. Think about all the exotic fruits, vegetables and fresh fish that are available in the area and then you have a recipe for a unique food experience. It definitely pays to try some seafood dishes here, because they are just to die for. I love that this quality food is available at more or less any price and I loved eating some street food as well as doing some fine dining too.

Party time

When the sun goes down it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. Don’t forget that you are in the Caribbean and the night is just an extension of the day, but with some parties involved. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants that you can enjoy a great cocktail in, as well as live music that definitely has some island flair. St Barts is a great place for nightlife and you might even find yourself rubbing shoulders with some celebrities at some point too!