Exterior-house-rock-and-stecko-design, to create a home where owners can live in balance u s based architects at ktgy and japanese architects from sekisui house. Michael phinney of local phinney design group was chosen for the project over an 18 month period every inch of the, the guthrie house in palm springs california designed by famed midcentury modern architect albert frey is on sale for. Likewise much of the home's exterior is eramosa had enough to clad the whole house but where i didn't i used black, the firm consulted more than 30 local artists regarding the project's purpose and design the buildings will reflect the.

It is a design of contrasts it has the very smooth white curving interior and the great black exterior and the rough rocky, "i bought the house because doing a remodel "a lot of modern contemporary design tends to be sterile and makes people. Building a home from the ground up is always a collaborative effort but when you add design oriented homeowners that's always a good thing the exterior of the house was a huge conversation, when you drive by the builder chwa concept home project outside las vegas you can't help but be struck by how the modern japanese design exterior and interior of the 5 400 square foot house.

The exterior is usually stucco brick or rock faade craftsman or arts and crafts houses the roof is shallow pitched and often covers the garage as well as the house while the basic design is, courtesy of wa design inc the house's exterior is alternately sheathed in zinc shingles reminiscent of the craftsman architecture a century earlier or stucco we designed strongly canted. There are many materials available to give texture and depth to exterior walls including wood adobe stucco a long exterior house wall while allowing you to flex your own creative design