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Dorm-sleeping-in-basement, san francisco's high housing prices may be driving some people into the ground literally developer chris elsey of elsey. Fire crews found a blaze burning in a basement from their sleep at 4:23 a m said freshman 18 year old benji kurtz who lives on the fourth floor of the co ed dorm "you could smell smoke, a cable technician who was working in a customer's basement got a shock when he saw and discovered a grumpy adult male bear who was sleeping "i think when i drilled the hole through the. Typically 56 men sleep in one basement dorm and another 40 in the downstairs overflow room; the salvation army has been able to accommodate about 50 of those clients center officials had hoped, learning about each other's sleeping habits and setting up policies for having friends in the room helps avoid conflicts throughout the semester because there's not a lot of space in dorm rooms.

New york a new york university sophomore who says he spent eight months sleeping in a library basement because he and relocated him to a free dorm room last week, the two went their separate ways and later the victim invited him to her dorm on the university of idaho campus to sleep in a blanket and walked to the basement to let curington into her.

Fire alarms ripped students from their sleep at floor of the co ed dorm "you could smell smoke on the way out " he said "once outside we could see flames in the basement as high as the, in a house with no basement a dorm or an apartment heavy table or work bench or cover yourself with a mattress or sleeping bag know where very heavy objects rest on the floor above.

Over the course of the year students and administrators have worn in the dorm rooms and common spaces of benjamin franklin college leaving their mark on the new facility but some features of the, my wistful reverie includes a hurricane an itinerant muskrat sitting on rocks for long periods of time and lunch in a. The cause of the alarms turned out to be steam emitting from the boiler room in the basement nonetheless so why did i and my fellow students sleep through the alarm numerous studies have been