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Door-draft-snake, a door snake also known as a draft stopper is almost a necessity in some drafty homes during cold windy weather these handy devices block cold air from entering the home via a gap underneath the. Elegantly simple and inexpensive a door draft stopper or draft snake can be as simple as a rolled bath towel or blanket placed along the bottom crack of doors and windows this will help take a bite, cold drafts can enter a home beneath exterior doors especially if the threshold weatherstripping is giving out a draft snake provides a simple fix for the problem draft snakes require minimal.

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Make sure the flue is closed so that you're not getting a draft in your home if you are using the fireplace make sure that you are keeping a close eye on it as extreme wind can intensify the fire, it's november and homeowners across the country are getting out their caulk guns inspecting their houses for drafts and spreading insulating material over their attic floors as the weather gets.

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