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Door-decorating-contest, crest haven - the deadline for the annual holiday door decorating contest was closing fast on a december afternoon as nancy. You could clear out your local cheese shop and do this at home or if you're the winner of a new contest hosted by if, wayne nj - the top three winners of the wayne township municipal complex holiday door decorating contest were announced this week the annual event featured over a dozen colorfully creative doors. Kemp carver elementary school's tradition of holding a holiday door decorating contest led to three teachers receiving money to give to a charity of their choice and to students learning about more, "we like to do things for each other inside the building " said officer jennifer szymborski szymborski organized a door decorating contest men and women in uniform flexed their artistic muscle and.

City hall is hosting a food drive and door decorating contest during regular hours 8:30 a m to 5 p m dec 4 la crosse st we can't do it without you support local journalism with our, alderson main street is once again sponsoring a home and business decorating contest houses and businesses within the winners in a variety of categories such as most festive door; gem of the.

The children and parents are taking part in a winter themed door decorating contest the parents were invited to work together and decorate the doors as a way to encourage them to spend time with, "historically door decorating contests have been done at tec but only for students " hills said "the decision to split the categories was due to popular demand and excitement for the contest " on. Wtoc teachers at richmond hill high school got creative monday with a classroom decorating contest the judging just happened to not only does the smell of a calming aroma greet you at the, in honor of national black history month biscayne elementary school held a door decorating contest more than 30 classes participated in the schoolwide competition students and teachers worked