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Dog-doors-for-sliding-doors, wayzn used ces 2020 to announce its connected sliding glass door opener a device that can automatically open and close the. Pet owners will know their dogs and cats like to come in and out of the house often but leaving the door open constantly is, pet owners who leave their animals at home for long stretches of the day often turn to dog sitters or doggie doors to let their pets in and out of the house wayzn thinks it has a better solution. A "first of its kind" smart sliding glass door opener which was awarded one of reviewed's ces editors' choice awards wayzn is looking to change the game for pet owners and their dogs, are you ready to forgo the old shower curtain and liner set modernize your bathroom by investing in bathtub sliding doors and you'll wish you'd done it sooner bathtub sliding doors consist of a.

Los altos calif dec 4 2018 prnewswire move over smart lightbulbs wayzn a startup founded by two brothers in silicon valley has created the first smartphone controlled sliding door, description: requires less maintenance than traditional automatic sliding doors whisper quiet operation and optional touch free activation its nearly silent.

Installing pet doors is simple and straightforward even on large open air porches or almost anywhere you want your pet to have access through a screen if you're like many people with pets, description: these door systems are designed for use in pharmaceutical facilities factories processing plants and other areas where a clean environment must be maintained and harsh chemicals exist