New Zealand may very well be one of the coolest countries in the world. It has a north and south island that have different climates and different cultures. It has the perfect mix of adventure sports and field sports. There is plenty of options for hiking and climbing or swimming and diving. If New Zealand is a place you want to visit and you’re on this page then you’re a step ahead of the game. Here are five things you should do in New Zealand while you’re on your holiday.

Rent A Campervan

Campervan hire in New Zealand is a great way to get around the country. The benefits that come with renting a campervan are endless when you’re a traveler. Not only can they get you from point A to point B but they also can serve as your accommodation for your holiday. This is great for spending nights out on the road. With all of the landscape that New Zealand has the best way to see it is to drive it. Look into hiring a campervan in Auckland to get your fix for the open road.

Go Skydiving

I wasn’t joking when I said that New Zealand has a hefty amount of options in the adventure sports field. A popular pastime in the country is skydiving. There are a lot of places where you can go to jump out of a plane. One of the benefits of doing this crazy activity in New Zealand is that they’re good at it and the views will be spectacular and unrivaled.

Visit Wanaka

This is a more laid back alternative to skydiving. The town of Wanaka is quaint and quiet. It’s a great place to relax and take in nature. A popular trip from Wanaka is to hire a plane to take you into the Siberia Valley where you can get out for a hike through the meadows and forests into the Wilkin River Valley. You can hop on a boat there to take you back to Wanaka.

Try Skiing

Skiing is a great thing to try while in New Zealand. The South island has great alps that can accommodate people of all skill levels. The country has been able to turn most mountains into ski resorts so there are also lots of options in where you’ll go to ski. For the experienced, you can take a helicopter out to out of the way runs and trails that only few people ski each season.

Swim With Wildlife

New Zealand is obliviously a place that revels in the outdoors and nature. If you are on the South Island make your way to Kaikoura to go swimming with dolphins and go whale watching. In this area there are cold and warm currents that mix and bring minerals to the surface. This makes it a hot spot for marine life, don’t miss out!

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