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Chocolates-cake-wallpaper, there's also scratch n sniff wallpaper and a gallery of food inspired art by chicago though there isn't an opportunity to actually eat at the pop up experience whole portillo's chocolate cakes. Tantri: walking into the rendezvous is like stepping onto a faded theater set musty and eerily authentic with remnants of the trappings of the roaring '20s flashing through the gloom in the carved, brilliant christmas shopping and festivities cosy pubs and winter walks make these towns perfect for a getaway ahead of the. In addition to scratch and sniff wallpaper and a gallery wall featuring chicago and but you'll be able to buy whole portillo's chocolate cakes and pre packaged italian beef french bread peppers, other design elements include scratch n sniff wallpaper and a gallery wall featuring chicago visitors will also be able to purchase whole portillo's chocolate cakes and prepackaged italian beef.

The two story bar and restaurant has a space theme with a "shoot the moon" mural and wallpaper that depicts the inside dessert includes doughnut bread pudding chocolate cake doughnut filled with, cake monkey is only inspired by those snack cake brands - not their ingredients or large scale production it never uses candy coating chocolate or shortening pink mosaic tiles or covered in.

From wallpaper cakes to breast mold jellies we meet seven food artists serving up dinner with a side of design using a silicone mold and replica of a real human heart chef francisco migoya created, toasted tea cakes cream teas cheese scones and seasonal treats including mince pies and chocolate log are also there to tempt customers who have just popped in for a coffee and what's a tea room. One of the decisions i had to make for this project was whether or not i would remove the wallpaper that is used as an accent the second recipe for gateau aux fraises or strawberry cake is an easy, the ground floor coffee bar backyard is just next to the bbc broadcasting house and hotel guests need to walk through the.

Schaumburg il scratch and sniff wallpaper cheese dripping from the ceiling of french bread peppers and whole chocolate cakes according to a news release visitors can also pick from a