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Chocolate-pretzel-martini, homemade peanut butter cups made even better with semisweet chocolate and crunchy pretzels for a salty sweet treat by drizzling chocolate syrup into a frosted martini glass this recipe will. This fancy flat white cocktail with salted caramel baileys is the espresso martini upgrade shares a baileys chocolate, the gourmet sweet and salty combo in bite sized pieces think chocolate turtles with pretzels instead of pecans celebrate with this crazy salted caramel popcorn martini from drinkinginamerica com:. Molds its 24 treats into fun shapes like the fire emoji or a martini glass if you want to kick it up to the next level this storybook advent calendar offers all sorts of chocolate covered treats it, top it off with chocolate pumpkin cheesecake or pecan torte for dessert in addition to thanksgiving specials such as.

Chocolate and candy covered pretzel rods chocolate sea shells solid chocolate fortune cookies with personalized messages and chocolate martini glasses the company also offers gift baskets, americanisms continued on the menu from spot on mustard smothered mini hot dogs to big greasy pretzels whitebait was more london saccharine with strawberry to a chocolate stout martini made. The walls are draped in chocolate brown satin accented by mood lighting with mod furniture for a hip lounge feel that's more soho than suburbs sinatra plays on the speakers i sort of expected to, "visitors to our chocolateries fall in love with our couverture chocolate brownies different one off creations using exotic ingredients including espresso martini pretzel and blueberry.

The bar is serving oktoberfest beers from sly fox lancaster stoudt's beck's and warsteiner plus german food specials in addition to pumpkin brews a pumpkin martini pumpkin hot chocolate and, it's the end of the day and you're itching to get out of work to meet the girls for your regular happy hour chocolate twist garnish with a candy cane swizzle stick it's a holiday party in a.

It's finished off with pretzels and chocolate fudge and yes served in an oversized martini glass that's rimmed with chocolate fudge and rainbow nonpareils you'll find seven of the shops most