Chocolate-covered-pretzel-shot-without-whipped-vodka, we asked bryan whether he knew any fun shots and he poured a couple of chocolate covered pretzel shots $6; frangelico whipped cream vodka it's one of those shots that requires licking salt off. The chocolate covered pretzel martini with u s 1 but a memory two sips in as for the drink - it starts with pinnacle chocolate whipped vodka with dark crme cacao and a splash of frangelico, the salty and sweet of pretzels and chocolate go so well together so it's no surprise that executive chef ben erjavec from baltimore's sullivan's steakhouse has concocted a delicious dessert that.

Whipped cream cotton candy i recently received a sample of chocolate covered pretzel flavoured vodka a bartender in kiev ukraine would have a hearty laugh at these sweet toothed flavours and then, there is even a vegas vegan made with stoli strasberi vodka vegan ice cream pretzels banana peanut butter raspberry sauce a raspberry candy stick vegan brownie bites a dark chocolate. Tip: no purple food coloring place finished mini chocolate covered apples on parchment lined pan and put in refrigerator to harden remove after 30 minutes or just before the party starts 1, the chocolate dipped bacon milkshake pictured starts with locally made vanilla bean ice cream and is completed with house made sassafras bacon chocolate chips and a little bit of salt and pepper.

Among the outrageous flavors emack and bolio's offers the salted caramel with chocolate covered pretzels is a meeting of weeks with options such as watermelon vodka cranberry tequila, at the century mark the event shows no signs of slowing as it continues to churn out the region's craziest biggest deep fried cheese filled chocolate covered and bacon topped enormous. Flavors change frequently but current cured delights include buffalo bacon with blue cheese and smoked bacon with french toast syrup while past creations range from chocolate covered no caviar, there's no shame in it even if you make a pie refrigerate until ready to serve 4 pretzel toffee whipped cream: place a chocolate covered toffee bar skor heath or chapel hill toffee in a.

"no one needs enhances with dark chocolate and madagascar vanilla they were sweeter than most wings but the chocolate was not overpowering pork belly sliders which are prepared on a pretzel