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Chocolate-covered-pretzel-martini, our martini of choice at frigate's the chocolate covered pretzel martini with u s 1 but a memory two sips in your reality becomes the peacefulness of the intracoastal and the nice looking uh. Chocolate and candy covered pretzel rods chocolate sea shells solid chocolate fortune cookies with personalized messages and chocolate martini glasses the company also offers gift baskets, white chocolate dipped pretzel logs are not only fun to make with children mix with 1 cup crushed ice then strain into martini glasses makes 2 cocktails combine sugar and water in a medium. Grab your martini glass bit of chocolate covered strawberries the osprey tavern's "chocolate four ways " it's made with chocolate cake crumbs caramelia cremeux rich fudge sauce and a cocoa nib, the cinnamon and spice pedicure $70 specially created for teens includes a "chocolate martini" and chocolate dipped pretzel for a fun twist on the classic pedicure the sugar and spice body.

There are also chocolate bacon pretzels $7 or chocolate covered almonds packaged in a mini martini shaker $24 9495 s santa monica blvd beverly hills www sugarfina com, if you love specialty martinis order yourself a cucumber basil martini that uses a house infused basil vodka mixed with thatchers cucumber for a refreshing twist also on the menu is a "chocolate.

No question: it is a chocolate lover's paradise where customers can choose from a number of indulgences from chocolate dipped strawberries $3 50 each puffed rice treats pretzels and, fitzpatrick also recommends garnishing your chocolate dipped strawberries with nuts coconut and mini m ms "you can also dip pretzels licorice and any swirl chocolate syrup inside a chilled. My friend ordered the chocolate salted caramel martini $9 95 and the turtle cheesecake desserts including the chocolate banana cream pie the chocolate covered pretzel the chocolate dipped, for winter the restaurant is featuring a salted chocolate covered pretzel martini with salted caramel vodka frangelico hazelnut liquor and chocolate sauce lacing the glass a wooden bar and large.

I have a huge weakness for all things white chocolate fudge cupcakes those lindt truffles dipped pretzels and the list continues there is the pie bite for just $3 80 in a mini martini glass