For some people getting out on adventure holidays is the pace that they want, not everybody wants to relax all day and just sit by the beach. Can you think about how exhilarating it is to run around a jungle, climb a mountain or paddle down a river.? To me this is a no brainer and I love doing these things. Today I am going to go through some of my absolute favourite activities when I go on holiday.

Rock scrambling

This is always a great one because it is a something that you can come across and just tackle. Rock scrambling is simply finding some relatively small rocks to climb, but these can of course be a little more challenging too. I absolutely love to seek out these little challenges, but make sure that I am safe with good quality footwear and all the right equipment. It is important to remember that rock scrambling is not exactly rock climbing, so this is an unsupported activity that should be approached with caution.


Hiking for me is ideal to get in touch with nature, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Picking the ideal place to go can be absolutely ideal for me and I love going somewhere with some challenges and crazy altitude to match. The great thing is that you can tailor it to exactly how adventurous you want to me, which can be from nothing to extreme. How could you not appreciate that?


There really is nothing better than catching a wave and harnessing the pure energy of nature, this is just the ideal situation for me personally. Beach, good weather and mother nature’s power harnessed into a 2 metre plus wave of water. Surfing is a great workout that always makes me feel at one with nature and makes me feel like I have earned what comes directly after.

White water rafting

This is a personal favourite of mine where you can quite easily get rough and adventurous. The best thing is of course the unknown, you never know exactly where you will be pulled and pushed by the extremely strong river rapids. This is pure fun and one activity that I could recommend to almost everybody.