Going on a winter cruise is very similar to going on a summer cruise, just with a few very subtle differences.

The major difference is the weather, obviously, but many of the locations you visit will still be warmer than in the UK – although temperatures will not reach the high levels they would in summer.


What to pack?

As a result you’ll need to prepare slightly differently, and that starts with what you need to pack. The best advice for going on a winter cruise is to take plenty of layers, as that way you’re perfectly capable of dealing with any weather situation.

A set of lightweight waterproofs is also recommended, just in case the weather does take a turn for the worst during your trip.

Choose the locations carefully

Before booking, it helps to have some idea of where you’d like to go – that way you can ensure that the itinerary of that particular cruise takes in all the sights you want to see.

Locations will often be quieter during the winter months and depending on where you’re cruising, the ships themselves may be quieter too. Leaving from the UK removes the need for expensive air travel and finding airports in places you’ve never been to before so why not consider a homegrown departure point?

Plan ahead

If you’re stopping in ports you’ve never been to before, consult the guidebook long in advance to discover what you can do there. Many of the locations where cruise ships stop will have plenty of opportunities just waiting to be discovered, so it helps if you know where you’re going beforehand and set a rough itinerary of things you want to do.

Have a list of ports you especially want to explore and know where you want to sight-see – but remember how long it takes to look round and queue. Weave this in to your plans so you have a realistic estimate of what you can pack into each onshore visit as you don’t want to miss the boat!

And finally, remember that any excursions could still leave you with several hours to kill, so always have a backup plan handy.

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