Whether you own a top model camera or have a entry level DSLR, it really does not matter, because every camera owner should be treating their cameras with respect and maintaining them as well as possible. In order to take top quality photos you need your “tool” functioning as well as possible. Here are some great ways to help maintain your camera.

Get it serviced

Professional photographers, like Dave Gibbeson, like to have their camera serviced often, especially as you may only get one chance to take a photo. Can you imagine working at a wedding and your camera fails? This will lead to an unhappy client and you not being paid! Most camera manufacturers have a recommended interval for servicing their cameras, for example Leica recommends a service every two years.

Clean it

Cleaning your camera is another important step in maintaining it so it functions correctly and takes the perfect landscape photography shot, when you need it. Wipe the exterior of your camera with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, and this will remove the dust that may sneak into the camera and cause problems. For the sensor it is a great idea to use a cleaning brush and you can find these in any good camera shops. If you are ever unsure of how to properly clean your camera, then take it to your local camera shop to get some expert advice.

Get a bag

Protecting a camera is another important way to maintain your camera and this should be seen as an investment into the camera itself. Remember that a camera that is free from damage is much more likely to function correctly

Store it

Storing your camera properly is probably not something that you often think about, but be aware that it is very very important in maintaining your camera. When storing your camera for extended periods it is important that it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, so finding the perfect place that is dry and has a normal temperature is paramount.

Cap on

Your camera comes with a cap and there really shouldn’t be any question why it is there. When not in use it is always best to put the cap on your camera, but this is always dependent on the situation that you are in. For example, if you are taking some indoor photographs it may not be necessary to put the cap on after every photo, but if you are at the beach it is much more likely to be different.