Moving abroad to teach English is a lucrative job for any young professional. Combining the experience of travel to a far off destination with learning a new culture and gaining valuable leadership skills it is a beneficial opportunity for anyone just out of post-secondary studies or anyone looking for a change from their current career or lifestyle. The majority of NET (Native English Teacher) jobs reside in Asian countries. Hong Kong has long been a country seeking English teachers and is still one of the greatest places to teach English abroad.


Those who wish to teacher English in Hong Kong should know these things about teaching in this great city.



While travel and a change of scenery is a large draw to teaching overseas often times the money is some incentive as well. Typically teaches will make equal to or slightly less than what they would make back home being an entry level teacher. However, the cost of living on a general scale in Hong Kong is slightly less. Pay can range anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 HKD a month (3000-7000 USD). You certainly can live comfortably on this type of wage in HK. Making a little more money on the side can be a handy benefit. Tutor students in Hong Kong on a range of academic or art topics and it will be a nice addition to your wallet while over there.



Hong Kong boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Prices aren’t far off those of Vancouver, New York, and London. Teachers moving to Hong Kong to work will often have their cost of housing included or a large allowance to pay for a decent place. Staying on Hong Kong Island will cost you the most. If you wish to still be there look for places at either end of the island.   Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Central cost big dollars, districts like Forest Hill North Point and Tin Hau are still pretty central and cost a lot less.



As a NET teaching in a Hong Kong School, your duties will be to follow and maintain the modern and innovative teaching system Hong kong as implemented since the early 2000’s. You will likely be asked to assist in the development of ongoing improvement to the school curriculum. Teachers work long days and are expected to dress and act professionally.