Wailea, Maui is a luxurious getaway for people who like to be pampered and it comes with a price tag that reflects this. However, budget travelers needn’t look elsewhere. Guests can stay and play in Wailea for less if they know how.

1. For Best Prices Visit in the Fall or Spring

Airfare to Wailea is up this year compared to last, but it’s still possible to find great flight deals if you plan your travel for the low season. Starting in September, travelers will generally see a drop in ticket prices for travel during the fall (excluding around Thanksgiving) through early December. Mid-January through early March is also a cheap time to fly. Increased competition in several West Coast airports such as Portland, Seattle, Oakland, and San Diego, means cheaper flights from these cities this year.

Another way to save is by booking the hotel transfer ahead of time. Sites like Excursiopedia can help line up hotel shuttle service and tours in advance.

2. Snap Up Last-Minute Hotel Deals in Wailea

The tricky thing about last-minute hotel deals is the transportation. There are plenty of cheap Wailea hotels but booking airplane tickets at the last minute is not advisable for the budget traveler. Visitors can book their airfare in advance and wait until the last minute for a hotel deal. While this is a gamble, as many hotels sell out, it’s one best taken during low season. Before taking this risk, check the number of conventions in town, because while the beaches are beautiful you won’t be allowed to sleep on one.

3. The Room Price Drops Outside of Wailea

For visitors who don’t want to risk leaving a room reservation until the last minute, quieter areas of the island like Kihei, outside of Wailea, are quite cheap as well. Guests choosing this option will want to factor in transportation costs to their budget.

Visitors who want to stay in Wailea, but don’t want to spend several hundred dollars a night, should look at the Hotel Wailea.

4. Enjoying Nature Doesn’t Cost a Dime

Wailea has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The soft golden sand and crystal waters are free for guests to enjoy. So while visitors may spend a pretty penny getting there and staying there, many Wailea activities are inexpensive.

In addition to the beach, visitors enjoy hiking the Hoapili Trail and viewing the remains of one of Maui’s ancient villages. Water, a hat, and sunscreen are essential on this trip as hikers won’t find any convenience stores along this path.

The Coastal Nature Trail is a 1.5 mile walking trail along the ocean and rocky coves on one side, and restaurants and beautiful hotel properties on the other. It’s popular with morning joggers.

Wailea offers beautiful beaches, soft surf, and championship golfing. While it’s an exclusive enclave of the luxury traveler, budget-minded travelers can still find a number of deals.

What’s your favorite thing about this island paradise? Leave a comment below.
Christina R. Green is a freelance travel writer originally from the East Coast and now living on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida. She loves kitschy tourist attractions and literary haunts. If she could figure out a way to drive something the size of an RV, she’d take off and write from the road. She is currently working on the #HipmunkCityLove project.

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