Who doesn’t love getting a great price when you book a trip a board? Finding a cheap holiday always gives me a real thrill, I love the fact that I can book a holiday that is so cheap it almost feels like it can’t be true! With there being so many great deals out there at the moment it is easy to find the right holiday at the perfect price. One of the best companies out there right now is Direct Holidays, these guys never ever fail to impress me when it comes to offering the best possible prices for their holiday packages. If you are looking to go away this year then make sure that you check out there website before going ahead and making any booking, I did and I was very happy about it! It can be very simple to get a cheap holiday all you need to do is follow a few simple tips and you will jetting off in no time at all. Here are my top tips to bringing down the cost of your holiday, let me know if you agree with them or have some other great tips by writing in the comments section below. 

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Be flexible with your dates

There are some days and some time periods where it is much, much cheaper to travel If it is low season then the travel companies will offer great deals to entice people to book. So if it is possible, do not be too rigid with your dates – I know that sometimes the time you can get off work does not allow for this. Changing up your dates by even a couple of days could save you hundreds of pounds.

Consider flying from a different airport

Changing the airport that you depart from can be one of the biggest factors for saving you money. Sometimes we don’t even consider travelling a little bit further to fly out from another airport. When you are booking your flights, look at how much it would cost you to fly from a different airport, I promised you that you will be very surprised by the difference in price!

Be prepared to compromise on accommodation

If you truly want to get the best price for your holiday then you don’t always have to book the best hotel in town, you should be prepared to go down a level or two to. If you are going to a fun city then you will spend most of the time outside exploring all of the sites and soaking up the nightlife. You don’t need to have a huge suite in a five star hotel to have a good time. If you stay a little outside of the city center then you will be sure to find some mind blowing prices!

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